More than 600 banks in the United States can offer Bitcoin (PTC) thanks to this partnership ி Crypto Insiders

Bitcoin (PTC) Increasingly available to Americans. The collaboration between NCR and NYDIG should ensure that Bitcoin goes on sale in less than 600 banks in the United States.

NCR is an American software and payment company. NYDIG is a New York-based financial services and technology company. Together they want to take crypto adoption to the next level, and this collaboration will ensure it. Easy access has been an obstacle so far, but is solved this way. Forbes Gave the first hint about this and mentions 650 banks that will provide Bitcoin to 24 million customers. In addition, a number of lenders can also benefit from this agreement.

NCR should take care of the overall financial infrastructure including utility. NYDIG will take over the management of all companies that wish to provide cryptocurrencies. The application must be completed in Phase 1. This application will ensure that customers of cooperating banks can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Banks are heating up for crypto

Douglas Brown, President of NCR Digital, commented on the developments:

We firmly believe in the benefits of crypto and its strategic applications. Our banking relationships, NYDIG and retailers testify. This also applies to restaurants and the like.

Brown also hopes that banks will follow PayPal’s lead. Crown has been promoting cryptocurrencies as a means of making payments, and Brown hopes, or perhaps believes, that banks will do the same. This was announced earlier this month Banks in Texas are allowed to provide crypto services.

Doing business with a crypto-related company is not new to NCR. In May, a partnership with startup Flexa helped U.S. citizens pay with BTC at more than 600 stores.

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