More than 800 people were expelled from Afghanistan by the Netherlands

The Netherlands has already expelled more than 800 people since the Taliban took over the country in Afghanistan. The Dutch ambassador to Afghanistan told NPO radio. On Monday evening, another takeoff flight departed from the country. 142 of them were on their way to safer countries.

Still, Ambassador Cecilia Wigers says hundreds of people need to be helped out of the country. It is questionable whether it will succeed because all Western soldiers must leave the country before September 1, as the United States has agreed with the Taliban. Still, many countries want to postpone that deadline. For example, France wants the United States to be at Kabul Airport and its environs after September 1 so that people can be safely evacuated. This is also being discussed at the specially ignited G7 summit today.

‘Conversations with the Taliban’

Dick Jandy, a security expert at the Klingandale Institute, expects a lot to happen already behind the scenes. A Taliban spokesman says August 31 is a red line and that Western forces in Afghanistan must be completed by then. That too is a campaign game to play. I do not rule out the possibility of Americans talking behind the scenes with the Taliban for some time to see if that deadline can be extended.

The Americans claim to have succeeded in expelling the people they want from Afghanistan before September 1st. “If they say more at the end of the day, it’s over. Then nothing will happen. We have to surrender to the Americans. If the Americans already leave Afghanistan, we will not stay. ‘ Must be removed from the country before.

‘Airport chaos’

Until last week, Louis Marijnison had worked for the Johanniter International Aid from Kabul and is now safe in Kazakhstan. Seeing the Taliban at the airport entrance is a very strange feeling. Once inside, we saw a huge mountain of suitcases and clothes that people had to leave. It is also special to see the Taliban in the parking lot twenty meters away from the US troops. According to Marijnisen, there was great destruction at the civil terminals. “Everything was destroyed, crashed. You saw debris everywhere and cars were destroyed. There was really great damage.”

‘Exhaust runs very smooth’

According to Mauritius, when the exodus was previously chaotic, things are now better organized in Kabul. Every 20 minutes a U.S. plane takes off with the evacuees. They are big planes and it goes day and night. Everything is much better now in the processing of papers. The whole process is well organized. They move from point to point and then they are taken on a plane. ‘

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