Morocco relaxes the rules for Moroccan travelers, but the holiday has yet to come

Moroccans stranded abroad can return again to Morocco under certain conditions. Dutch-Moroccans are still prohibited from visiting the country for holidays or family visits.

The four conditions are: a negative PCR test less than 48 hours ago, a declaration of approval from the Ministry of the Interior to leave the Moroccan territory, a declaration of honor that has been acted in accordance with the rules, and proof of payment. Government appointed hotel. however Four documents Moroccans can return to their country.

This amendment is intended for Moroccans who live, work, or have to go to a funeral in Morocco. Samira Jdir, Morocco’s correspondent, says, “Celebrating a holiday for the Dutch Moroccans is still out of the question.” “The government does not want to lift the travel ban on the Netherlands yet.”

There is not a lot of infections

Some people try to enter the country through another country, such as Tunisia or Dubai. “But this is also not permitted, so you are taking a big risk if you try it this way,” says Jadeer. On the national government website in Travel Advice for Morocco is also mentioned for this purpose warned.

In Morocco, a “state of emergency” was imposed since March 19 of last year. This state of emergency has been extended no less than 14 times, providing the government with a legal framework to take exceptional measures in the fight against Covid-19, such as closing neighborhoods or cities, imposing travel bans or deploying the military.

According to Jadir, the pollution figures are not even alarming. “According to the Ministry of Health, there are about 300 infections a day. This is tiny for a country of 36 million people, although it might be because there aren’t many tests done.”

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A little relaxation

The state of emergency, which was due to end on Monday, May 10, has been recently extended until June 10. The curfew will remain in effect for the time being, although it is expected to start later after Ramadan (May 12): not at 8 PM but at 11 PM.

For now, Morocco is still closed to many travelers and we are looking for a simple relaxation. The flight ban has been reduced to 41 countries compared to 54 countries until recently.

From May 21, direct flights from the Netherlands to Morocco will resume under certain conditions. “These travelers have yet to live, work or attend a funeral in Morocco,” says Jadir.

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