Most Peruvian avocados go to the Netherlands, the United States, Spain and Chile.

By 2021, Peru had exported 525,829 tonnes of avocados for 928.28 million, an increase of 28.2% in volume and 39% in value compared to 2020, according to Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, head of consulting at Inform @ cción. Major destinations are the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Chile. In total, these countries accounted for 68% (358,000 tons).

Last year, the Netherlands purchased 180,000 tons of fresh avocados from Peru (2020: 140,000 tons), the United States 90,000 tons (2020: 80,000 tons), Spain 88,000 tons (2020: 71, 2020 to 71, 2020 to 60,50,20,50, 20,50)

Other major markets are the United Kingdom (2020: 34,000 tons) with 38,000 tons, China 14,000 tons (2020: 13,000 tons), Russia 11,000 tons (2020: 13,000 tons) and South Korea, Canada, Belgium, Belgium, Italy and Argentina.

Season 2022
Cillóniz predicts that Peruvian butter exports will increase by 20% to more than 600,000 tonnes by 2022. The increase in production is driven by the new plantations of a few large companies, but is driven by many small farmers in the coastal and hilly areas.

“Many new orchards are opening up across the country, especially in the coastal valleys and mountains like Huaydara and Castrovirrena. So exports of this fruit will definitely increase,” says Ceylonis Benavitz.

He advises farmers to plant non-harvested varieties from May to August as it is the highest yielding period in the country. So prices will fall in those months. “Early avocados are available at good prices from January to March and late September to December. New plantings should focus on those sales windows,” he concludes.

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