‘Most Poisonous Mega Spider’ in Tupperware Container at Australian Reptile Home

This only happens to you: you can find a mega big, poisonous spider in a Tupperware container. Many people are afraid of spiders and may sigh with relief that this has not happened to them, but the staff of the reptile park in Australia. They discovered a large mining web spider with fangs that could pierce a human fingernail. The reptile house is now looking for an anonymous donor.

The spider, nicknamed the “Megas Spider”, has 8cm and 2cm fangs, the Australian Reptile Park said in a statement on Friday. With a body of 5 cm it is the largest mining web spider the park has ever seen.

“She’s unusually large. If people handed over spiders like her, we could save many more lives. These spiders produce large amounts of venom,” said Michael Tate, a park employee. The park is eager to find out where the spider came from, and hopes to find similar spiders.

‘Megaspin’ found in Australia

According to the Australian Museum, the average length of a tunnel web spider is 1 to 5 centimeters. It makes this spider 8 cm in size on the large side. But in Australia it is certainly not the largest spider species. That credit goes to the tarantula, also known as the whistle spider, because of the sound it makes when challenged.

The tunnel web spiders may be small, but they are the “worst members” of the Australian spider fauna, according to the Australian Museum. Tunnel web spiders are known for their ‘highly venomous and fast-acting venom’. Thirteen people have already died as a result of the male variant of the tunnel web spider. Fortunately, since the advent of alternative medicine in 1981, there have been no deaths.

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‘The spider was in a Tupperware container without any reference’

The large tunnel web is very valuable for spider reptile home. The fangs of the spider are milked for venom, which can be converted into antivenin.

‘Megas Spider’ was donated anonymously somewhere off the coast of Sydney. “It was in a duperware container with no labels to indicate where it came from,” Reptile Park said. “The guards are eager to find out which area it belongs to. In the hope of finding more of these spiders, they can develop more antivirals.”

See ‘Mega Spin’ below:

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‘Highly venomous mega spider’ left in Dupperware container at Australian reptile home

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