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The long awaited sequel to the movie series Mother of lice It can be seen in Dutch cinemas from July 28. Initially, the film was scheduled to begin at the end of June. But Dutch distributor FilmWorks decided to delay the release for a month.

In the movie, director Anton (Diederik Ebbinge) is no longer in De Klimop Primary School. That’s why Miss Ank (Ilse Warringa) tries to get things back on track. This is not without a struggle: there is a shortage of staff, Huruna has put everything on the edge of the abyss and the parents are more demanding than before.

With the film, protagonist Ilse Warringa makes her directorial debut. Almost all of the regular cast members are back in the series. Mother of lice It aired in 2018 and 2019 and attracted millions of viewers every week. The series was awarded, among other things, with the prestigious Nipkow Disc. The series was discontinued after two seasons, in part because writer and actor Ebbinge no longer felt it.

After the cinemas reopen on June 5, several Dutch films will be released. This is how the saga goes straight The Battle of the Scheldt , The most expensive Dutch film in fifteen years. And come here in early July Chameleon in series! Paige and the Srebrenica drama Where are you going, Aida?. The Film Fund has allocated 3.5 million euros to promote Dutch films in the deluge of American titles that will also be released this summer.

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Watch the show and entertainment videos below.

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