MotoGP Unlimited: Recordings for the sequel are currently suspended

MotoGP Unlimited, the recently released documentary series of Amazon Prime Video, will not be a sequel in 2022. Amazon, Torna and production company Mediapro Studios will soon be analyzing the results of Season One, which was filmed last year and aired first last month, before deciding on a sequel.

During the previous Grand Prix weekends, many on the dock noticed the absence of the MediaPro crew throughout 2021 for the filming of the documentary series MotoGP Unlimited, which launched in March earlier this year.

Dorna director Manel Arroyo came up with the rescue response during the first day of the Gran Premio Red Bull de España in Gerais on Friday morning. No registrations will be made in 2022 and they will take place soon in 2023.

Manel Arroyo: “The second season will not be recorded until 2023. The status quo is that we are currently analyzing how the first season of Unlimited worked, and are discussing how MediaPro Studios and Amazon can continue together and make potential improvements. We are not in a hurry, do this carefully. We look forward to hearing more about the first season, and in the meantime, we’re going to edit some rider profiles, a document about riders, the first one in Marc, and this is what we’ll be following this year as well.

The release of the first version of MotoGP Unlimited did not go smoothly due to several technical issues. For example, in many countries there were problems with translating verses, and the dialogues were dubbed to the chagrin of many. The documentary series is also not available in places like Asia, Australia and South America, much to the chagrin of MotoGP fans living there.

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