Mountain Bike World Championships: Gerben de Knigt hopes for Dutch medal: ‘Especially among women’

Mountain Bike World Championships: Gerben de Knigt hopes for Dutch medal: ‘Especially among women’

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The Mountain Bike World Championships will take place this weekend in Val di Sole, Italy. On Saturday, cross-country titles at stake, Olympic discipline. In the absence of the two men Matthew van der Poel and Olympic champion Tom Bidcock, national coach Gerben de Knigt is expected in conversation with cycling flash That there is a chance of Dutch success, especially among women.

Let’s start with the World Cup track, a real climbing track. Where are the pain points in this round?
“We know this course from the World Cup circuit, but now they’ve made it more technical. I’m going to cut the course in half for convenience. On the one hand, you have a loop of a kilometer or two through the woods. This is very narrow and especially the climbing lanes that give little room for overtaking. On the one hand, you have a loop of a kilometer or two through the forest. An additional difficulty is that the climb is very technical due to the many tree roots in the ground.

Especially now that Earth has been destroyed by all the other matches this week. As a result, it does not run very smoothly and errors can have serious consequences here. In the second part, you are on a flat mountain lot, where you drive a number of loops through the grass. For convenience I call it the bike part, because that’s where you can lose your power. There is also less talk about single stones So there is more room for passing.”

Milan Vader – Photo: Cor Vos

The men’s eyes are now on Milan Vader. How is he after his specific preparations for the World Cup?
“He feels good! It remains to be seen how he stands. After the Olympics, he is no longer competing, but he has prepared himself for this World Cup with an altitude training course in Livigno. The plan was initially to let him ride in the European Championship, but Milan had some problems with Decompression after the games. He was a bit tired and said he underestimated the consequences.”

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What is possible for him in this World Cup? Is the medal real?
“If I’m honest, he’s going to have to be his best day of the season and even then it’s very difficult. But a place in the top ten is definitely a possibility for him. On a good day he will also be close to the top five, but the competition for those spots is fierce. “Very. Does this course suit him better than Tokyo? Yes that’s right. Milan is a bit smaller and lighter. So he has less absolute power and that was necessary at the Games. He comes alone on this tour.”

Who will win the world title?
“The strongest mountain biker always wins at this circuit. And in fact that was Matthias Flückiger all season, we’ve said that to each other before. The course is really tailored. I would be very surprised if he didn’t wear a rainbow jersey. For me he is the only favourite. The battle over silver and bronze behind her is open. Ondřej Cink also finds here a training course to suit him.”

Anne Terpstra – Photo: Cor Vos

Anne Terpstra and Anne Tauber recently took the silver and bronze medals, respectively, at the European Championships. Can we expect that here again?
Hell yeah! They both find a course here where they can unleash the vibe. He’s very technical and both Anne are among the best in the business in the field. She’s also not the longest and therefore a bit lighter than some of the competitors. If they can sustain themselves Well in the woods, there will be a lot. In the past they have done very well here during the World Cup. A surprise is really possible.”

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Who do you expect to be your biggest opponent? Several winners of Luana Lecomte called the disease. This course fits into a one-woman show like Jolanda Neff performing during the Games…
“The latter is already possible here. Also among the women, the strongest will win. I’ve seen Neff here several times and she looks very relaxed. Milan also met her at a training camp and she said the same thing. It seems like a lot of pressure has been lifted off her shoulders. That’s why I keep it in nev, but I’m secretly hoping for more from a Dutch point of view.”

The Mountain Bike World Championships will take place on Saturday. Follow the transactions via “Follow Here”. Redbull TV broadcasts matches live this afternoon. The ladies start at 1:00 p.m., and the men start at 3:45 p.m.

Ann Topper – Photo: Color Vos

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