Mountain biking? new. Cycling? Well no. Gravel racing is a new cycling sport, and the first major international championships will be held in Veenhuizen

Gravel racing is a bicycle race on unpaved roads. Photo: Dmitrii Vaccinium | Unsplash

The calendar for the new UCI Gravel World Series has been announced. The series of competitions in which riders can qualify for the World Championships in gravel will come to Veenhuizen for a competition in the Netherlands.

The competition begins on Sunday, April 3 in the Philippines. The match (2nd to last) will take place in Veenhuizen on 17th September. Other tours are held in the United States, Australia, France, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

The riders who participate can win a place in the World Cup. In each round of the new Gravel World Series, the fastest 25% of men and women of each age group will qualify for the Gravel Racing World Championships, which will take place in the fall.

Curious about what gravel racing is? Watch the video below:

The competition organization (UCI) has chosen not to make the regulations too strict in the early years, so that participants can initially start on any type of bike without electric assistance (gravel, cyclo-cross, road, MTB, …). This will be evaluated in the coming years.

UCI President David Lappartint is pleased: “I am delighted that we now have an exciting and lively calendar of cobbled events for adventurous riders who enjoy cycling on unpaved roads and trails. The best of them deserve to participate in the first gravel World Cup, details of which will be announced soon (eg site, editor).”

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