Movie tip! Now in cinemas Elizabeth

Good news for all movie buffs and Queen Elizabeth fans. Today, on the 96th birthday of the British Queen, the unique film “Elizabeth” was shown for the first time in Dutch cinemas.

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the British throne: a historic milestone. “Elizabeth” is a special, funny, and sometimes even mischievous tribute to her longest-serving service ever.

Using unique archival footage, recent photos and home videos from the public, we follow the Queen from her early years to the media icon she is today.

Read more below the trailer.

With the film, director Roger Michel and producer Kevin Lauder wanted to create something unique. They selected countless fragments of the British Queen’s life from hundreds of hours of archive material. “Elizabeth” is also Michelle’s last movie (better known as “Notting Hill” among others). The director died unexpectedly in 2021 just a day after the film was finished.

The film is not in chronological order but is divided into themes such as horses, travel and speeches. “Hopefully people will see what a special woman is and how crazy those seventy years are,” Lauder said. “The world has changed terribly, but she has always been there, as a kind of peace and quiet.”

The EO will broadcast Elizabeth’s movie on TV in 2023.

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