Mozilla launches its own VPN service in Germany and France

Mozilla now has its own VPN service Launched In Germany and France. It is not yet known when this will be the Netherlands. It was July last year Mozilla VPN Originally formed in Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

The VPN service uses the WireWard protocol, which, according to the developer, is a faster, simpler, and more modern vpn solution than IPSec. It also surpasses the popular OpenVPN VPN solution. Wireguard code lines are much smaller than other VPN protocols, making them easy to deploy, use, and audit.

Mozillas VPN is developed by Mozilla and uses the servers of Mulwat, the VPN provider. Regarding the partnership with Mulwat, Mozilla claims that the VPN provider respects user privacy and does not hold log files. Mozilla also claims that it does not hold log files or track or share users’ network data.

The VPN service costs $ 5 per month and runs on Android version 8 and newer, iOS 12.0 and newer, macOS 10.14 and newer, Ubuntu 18.04 and newer and Windows 10 64-bit. Using a Firefox account is also mandatory.

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