MP Miriam Stirk: ‘Farmers need more clarity’ – Wijks Nieuws

wooden Miriam Sterk is the Deputy for Nature, Agriculture, Soil, Water, Sports and Governance for the Province of Utrecht. The Executive Council is the day-to-day administration of the province of Utrecht. Representatives submit proposals and implement decisions, for example nitrogen reduction targets as stipulated in the memorandum of initiation of the National Program for Rural Areas. Reason enough to interview this commissioner.

Miriam Struck (49 years old) is married with three children aged 16, 14 and 12 and has been living in Houten since 2003. She has just returned to the Netherlands after a hiatus of more than four years. During that time she lived in the United States, where her husband went to work for the European Commission in Washington. Two of the three children now settled in Houten again. Her husband will follow in September, and the eldest daughter is likely to finish high school in the United States. In January of this year, Sterk applied for a vacant position at Hanke Bruins Slot, who became Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in the Rutte IV government. On February 9, she succeeded her..

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