Mumbai Falcons is a third party company interested in taking over AlphaTauri F1

AlphaTauri is reportedly being sold or will have to move to the UK. The factory is in Italy, while the aerodynamics division is based in Bicester. Red Bull project leader Oliver Mintzlaff would find the costs too prohibitive. In addition to Andretti and Hitech GP, there is a third party interested in the potential takeover of Scuderia: Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited.

When Red Bull bought the Minardi team ahead of the 2006 season, one of the agreements was that Scuderia Toro Rosso’s new factory would remain in Faenza, Italy. Now seventeen years later and after a rebranding to Scuderia AlphaTauri, the headquarters of the energy drink manufacturer’s sister team is still there. Mintzlaff had now found the costs too high as a result. German Cars, engines and sports It reported that Andretti, Hitech GP and Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited are the three interested parties who are likely to take over the team lead of Yuki Tsunoda and Nyck de Vries.

Collaboration with Prema Racing

Andretti has been in the news all winter as he tries to get into the top flight with Cadillac, and Hitech GP is a successful Formula 2 and Formula 3 team. However, Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited may not be a ‘well-known’ name. The team has been around since 2019, but has only been active as the Mumbai Falcons since 2021. Former A1 Grand Prix and GP2 driver Armaan Ibrahim is the team principal. Based in Pune on the west coast of India, they have a technical partnership with Prema Racing who are in contention over and over for the title in every formula class imaginable. The Gadhoke family is the founder of Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited. Ameet Gadhoke, Navjeet Gadhoke and Teja Gadhoke are the owners of the Gadhoke Group which runs Roadway Solutions in India, a multi-billion dollar construction company.

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regional formula and formula 4

Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited has achieved great success in the Middle East Regional Formula Championship. In 2022 and 2023, they took the teams’ titles, as well as the drivers’ titles with Arthur Leclerc, the younger brother of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, and Mercedes’ junior Andrea Kimi Antonelli, respectively. In addition, Ferrari Junior James Wharton also won the Drivers’ Championship in the UAE Formula 4 Championship with the Indian team earlier this month. The Mumbai Falcons are also the official partner of the FIA ​​Karting World Championship in a number of events as well as the European Karting Championship.

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