Municipalities want a discussion about housing status holders: “This cannot be the intention”

West Friesland – West Frisian municipalities want a meeting with Secretary of State Anke Brokers-Knoll (Justice and Security) about housing status holders. The district should find a home for 161 of them in the first half of this year.

That’s double compared to the second half of 2020. Something for that All municipalities of Northern Holland Applies. A town councilor in Horn Margon van der Veyen seemed in awe when she received the letter from the foreign minister in November. “I think that’s a lot. We have contacted our fellow councilors in the area and would like to talk to the ministry.” Earlier , Western Frisian Fractions VVD Already on the bell.

Because according to the council member, doubling down is going to cause big problems. “It is possible. But it means that others have to wait a longer time to get a house. This creates room for tension. It cannot be the intention.”

The longest home seekers are on the waiting list

Real estate rental waiting lists are long. And Nina Coman can talk about that. The 28-year-old woman was registered from Uber for eight years, however Forced to live at home. “If I respond, many of the homes are for people moving or emergency seekers. But I’m a beginner, and I also want to start. It’s so frustrating, I’m heading into my thirties, it’s time to go.”

Alderman van der Wien explains that it is not just people with prestige who have a mission. “We also have to house the homeless, in addition to other special target groups. The people who come from care institutions, they all depend on the same housing.”

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You need to build more quickly

This week, the councilor will speak to fellow City Councilors in West Friesland about the situation that has arisen. According to her, there is in no way a place for temporary homes in Horn. In her view, building more permanent homes is the real solution. “We are not allowed to build at the moment in many parts of the governorate. We would like to see it differently.”

It also hopes to get more support from the government. ‚ÄúThese measures have to be really faster. If we can build faster, people can go forward faster. If housing companies get more money to build, we also have more space to accommodate those special target groups, but certainly also the average home seekers. . “

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