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Beginning: Antonio Vivaldi’s C Major (RV 443) from recorder concerto by Alegro, Michela Petrie (flute) and The Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields. CD Philips 400.075.

Final Tune: The Family, performed by Scott Joplin (used as the finale for The Sting), The London Festival Ballet Orchestra.

The tune used for the Natuurkalender is 10 seconds long: performed by Joseph Altency’s Water Waves, Margaret Forrest and Helen Bartels.


Other music selected by composer Renault Router:

1st movement from the de Major Symphony of Johann George Leopold Mozart (1719-1787), Austria, performed by the London Mozart Players, Presto Assoy.

Composer: Leopold Mozart (Eason D17)

Performance: London Mozart Players / Palmert

CD 18th Century Symphonies – Leopold Mozart

‘Los Seas Libros del Dolphin: Conscious Mille Regres’ was performed by Lex Eisenhardt at Spaniard Louis de Norway (ca.1500-ca.1565) Vihuola.

Composer: Louis de Norves

Administrator: Lex Eisenhardt

CD Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music – Volume 1 [Disc 4]

German-Dutch composer Christian Ernst Graf of Graff (1723-1804) * De Major (op.14 No.1) fast moving from symphony, performed by The Dutch Academy Orchestra.

[*] Entered the service as ‘composer’ or Willem V ‘at the Orange Prince’s Court in 1759, at the age of 11’]

Composer: Christian Ernst Groff

Performance: Dutch Academy Band
CD Growing Glory – Jappa Symphony

Pentadon Classics PTC 5186 365

The 7th movement, ‘Lillian’, was performed by the pianist Nataša Veljković, ‘Lilies’ from ‘Blumenleben’ (op.19), written by Hungarian composer Dora Bejazevik (1885-1923).

Composition: Dora Bejazevic

CD Dora Pejacevic – Complete Piano Works – Natasa Veljkovic

‘La Source’ (op.44) was performed by Belgian lute composer Alphonse Hasselmans (1845-1912) and musician Marquit-Anna Suz.

Composer: Alphonse Hasselmans

Administrator: Margit-Anna Suz

CD French music for harpsolo

The first movement of Symphony No.3 by the German French Ignas Beckin (1734-1809) performed by the New Zealand Chamber Orchestra, Alegro.

UITVOERENDE: New Zealand Chamber Orchestra olv Donald Armstrong.
CD Six Symphonies op.1

The 2nd edition of the French guitarist Ida Presti (1924-1967) was performed by Enno Worhurst, guitarist.

Performer: Enno Worhorst

CD 840 – Enno Worhorst
Cobra Records 0084

‘Guerrillan’ from the ‘Suite Franchise’ for the orchestra by the Frenchman Francis Boulenck (1899-1963), performed by the Orchestral Nation de France, by Charles Dudoit.Ong

UITVOEREND: Orchestral de la France olv Charles Dutoit

CD Orchester National de France / Dutoit – Poulenc

Music 12. ‘Musik for Flöten Uhr’, the music for the clock played by Joseph Hayden was performed by Dario Mல்லller on the piano.

Composer: Franz Joseph Hayden

Administrator: Dario Mல்லller

Track 12
Time 1’24

CD Magic Boxes: Enchanted Instructions – Dario Mல்லller

The Dance of the Tartars’ (‘Tartar Dance’) by Russian composer Alexander Serpin (1899-1977) was performed by Cassia Harvey, cello and Tim Ripchester, pianist.

Composer: Alexander Serepin

Performance: Cassia Harvey / Tim Ripchester
CD Russian Cello

Chinese Ding Shan-di (1911-1995) ‘Celebrating Ever New Life’ performed by Xi Chen, piano.

Composer: Ding Shan-te

Administrator: Zee Sen.
CD Chinese Piano Favorites

Composer: Leonard Bernstein

Executive The Boston Pops led by John Williams

CD by Boston Leonard Bernstein

‘Prelude’ from Serenata for the guitar by the Frenchman Jean Francois (1912-1996), played by Enno Wurhorst (guitar).

Composer: Jean Francois

Performer: Enno Worhorst

CD 840 – Enno Worhorst
Cobra Records 0084

‘Nakoya Marimba’ by American Steve Reich (1936 performed by Bob Becker & James Breeze)

Performance: Bob Becker & James Breeze

CD Collection: Steve Reich: Works – 1965-1995

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