Musicology Festival

With Eric Sheerder and Yvonne

The University of the Netherlands brings the best scholars and Typhoon to Paradiso and presents: The Science of Music.

A festive evening where science and music merge at a Dutch pop temple. On Monday, September 6, 5 leading scholars will deliver a lecture on the science behind music. Why do you get chills from music? How do you break glass with your voice? What makes a hit? Why can’t your friend dance? And why do Lowlands make you a better person? Five of the leading scholars in musicology, including neuropsychologist Eric Shearder, who with special guest Typhoon research why music can touch you so much.

Update: The Science of Music is all sold out, but we can give away free tickets to this musical evening. Would you like to be there with a friend on Monday 6th September? Then sign up for our newsletter and tell us why you want to be there.

the program

Why do you sometimes get chills from music?
– Written by Prof. Dr. Eric Scherder, Neuropsychologist, VU University Amsterdam and Typhon

How do you break glass with your voice?
– Written by Dr. Gideon Kokok, Physicist, Maastricht University

Why can’t my partner feel the beat?
– Dr. Fleur Bohr, Cognitive Neuroscientist, University of Amsterdam

Are you becoming a better person by going to the Lowlands?
– Dr. Floris Means, cultural historian, Radboud University Nijmegen

What makes a hit?
– Dr. Ashley Burgoyne, Computing Musician, University of Amsterdam

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