Musk launches rockets into space, but Twitter live chat isn’t working

Ron DeSantis’ Twitter announcement is a huge mistake.

DeSantis is a credible contender to snatch the Republican nomination from Donald Trump for the 2024 election. However, his affiliation with Musk’s Twitter has caused quite a stir. Musk wants to turn his Twitter into a marketplace for ideas and wants to challenge Fox News to do so. News broke Wednesday that ousted Fox News star Tucker Carlson will move his show to Twitter, and the Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet, said Twitter will host his videos and podcasts.

However, with DeSantis’ nomination filed, things went wrong. DeSantis was originally supposed to announce his candidacy at a Twitter live event. In it he will be interviewed by Twitter CEO Elon Musk. But major technical problems arose. The audio kept cutting out, and DeSantis and Musk were barely audible. After 20 minutes, the broadcast stops.

It’s embarrassing for a whizzing kid to launch rockets into space.

Biden found the failed event very amusing. He laughed his sleeve and used Elon’s Twitter to give a hilarious response. He made a post titled, “This link works,” including a link to a webpage where you can donate money to Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.

In any case, the technical issues have been resolved so that DeSantis can make a nice mockery of Trump. We must end the culture of loss that has plagued the Republican Party in recent years. We have to look forward, not backward.”

However, DeSantis does not deviate too far from Trump’s ideas. “He’s sometimes called ‘Trump without the mess’,” says NOS correspondent Ryan Hermelijn of VRT NWS. “His ideas are much the same. America first, tough on immigration and crime, very conservative on social issues… Like Trump, he’s very critical of supporting states.” United Ukraine.

Photo: Youtube/TED screenshot

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