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My hair loss is very low and I am getting new hair growth again. Seems to be stable around my hair for a while. It’s so awesome, every day I’m glad to see in the mirror and see mini hairs growing, but I do not remove clusters, but remove clusters from the shower train. But how long has it been?

This question bothers me so much. It makes me cry when I look at pictures of my rain drains overflowing three months ago. I feel panic coming back, I think: I don’t want this again! But unfortunately I firmly believe this will happen again. You have not had alopecia for a while, but unfortunately for the rest of your life …

Sometimes I think: If I had continued, I would have been bald. I can hurt people with this because they may think it happened: ‘Don’t laugh, you still have hair!’ I understand this too, but sometimes hair loss and insecurity are more of a concern to me than hair loss. “What is” crosses my mind a few times each day.

The most convincing example: Winter Games 2023. This will take some time, but plans are slowly developing. I am a true winter sports enthusiast and can’t wait to get back on skiing! But then my thoughts start to creep in, all I can think about: What if I lose tons of hair again by then? If we are in a house with friends, what if I panic while taking a shower or brushing? And very practical, for example: What about that stupid helmet? Every winter sports enthusiast will recognize that such a helmet perfectly balances your haircut. When my hair is as thin as it is now or because of the new phase of hair loss I do not dare to take off that helmet because you can see my crushed hair on my scalp. So I sometimes go about something in the future.

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Unfortunately the next period of hair loss may be closer than I would like. In the short term, my partner and I want to start hormone therapy for our desire to have children. I have PCOS, which means I’m not ovulating and (initially) need the help of a pill that will trigger it. In my case it would be letrozole. One of the side effects of letrosol? Haircut. Package insertion says it affects 1 to 10 people out of 100, but of course you will find I fall victim to this.

I asked a dermatologist at the University of Rodwood that I would quickly suffer from the side effects of ‘hair loss’ on my own due to my alopecia when using Letrozole. He could not guarantee anything, but could not see why this was so. So somehow this time I have to be confident that I will get out of the dance. Despite my positive attitude towards life, I’m often drawn short straws, and when it comes to me I often think “Well … it must be doubly unfortunate for me.”

But whatever the future brings, today it is stable. I really try to live for that day when they work overtime about an uncertain future. Because let’s be honest: no one can predict the future. Not the dermatologist, not me, so it is my job (or I should not call it that because it becomes a ‘compulsion’ again): living memory!

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