My marketing: Becky Nascimento from Iglo Netherlands

Becky Nascimento is the Director of Marketing at Iglo Netherlands. Born in the UK, moved to the Netherlands 3.5 years ago: “People fascinate me and I tend to plan more hours in the day than the 24 hours I have at my disposal.”

Home and garden: a pleasant life
Iglo recently launched a new branding campaign Every part helps. At the heart of the campaign is a long-term partnership with the TV programme Private home and garden: the good life. Through this 360 degree campaign, we want to create awareness about cooking with frozen products. Moving from a single product ad to a major brand campaign is a big step. In addition to recipes by Hugo Kennis in Eigen Huis en Tuin: Lekker Lekker Lekker, TV ads, DOOH, social media, shopper marketing, PR and influencer marketing are also part of the campaign. This year is our full focus. Of course we also launch new products that can help Holland eat a little better every day, because every little bit helps 😉.

We work with Ally, among others, the creative agency for Ad Alliance and with HPB PR.

Marketing Champion
My marketing hero is Mark Ritson. His no-nonsense style and dry British sense of humor make me laugh, and his insights are invaluable. We are The last article About the time it takes as a marketer to make a real impact, I found it very relevant. Many marketers don’t take or get that time and either leave early or get replaced too quickly.

the challenge
External factors are constantly changing. It’s the first time in my career that I can write a brief, and by the time I get a response, everything has already changed. So always maintain an external focus and challenge yourself and those around you. And related to this: Sunk cost fallacy [kosten die al gemaakt zijn en niet meer ongedaan te maken zijn, red.] Something you should always avoid.

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to advertise
I don’t really get bothered by commercials or ads, but I always wonder what the brand is trying to achieve.

laid back
How relaxed? A bit of Netflix and then inevitably fall asleep ten minutes later. Sport is also very important for me to stop working out. I’m pretty into weights now and have a slightly obsessive relationship – in a positive way 😉 – with rocycle [een vorm van intensief spinnen, red.]

How do you retain talent? Enjoy! And I love developing people. In 2022 a more effective course followed People manager to be able to be. Being human – giving people freedom and confidence combined with support and challenge – is key. I enjoy helping my employees to be more effective and making sure that the recognition goes to those who deserve it.

Are you a marketer and would also like to participate in this section? Then send an email to [email protected] It is of course also possible to nominate an ideal person for this section!

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