Myanmar military regime is also blocking access to Twitter | right Now

Myanmar junta wrote blocking Twitter CNN Friday. Earlier this week, Facebook and Instagram had already been reached locked For residents of the country.

The Myanmar military launched a coup on Monday, including the imprisonment of democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi. According to the army, there was electoral fraud.

Myanmar residents spoke out on Facebook against the coup, after which time the platform became inaccessible. After the blockade, opponents turned to other social media, such as Twitter. This service is now also temporarily blocked.

Twitter says it is “very concerned” about development. “It undermines public debate and freedom of expression,” a spokesman said. CNN. “The open Internet is increasingly under attack.”

Facebook says its telecom service providers have been told to block Instagram permanently. “We urge the authorities to restore contact so that people in Myanmar can communicate with their family and friends and access important information.”

Earlier, Myanmar’s Ministry of Communications and Information said that the blockade would definitely continue until February 7.

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