Myanmar police raid all homes at night in a turbulent neighborhood | Currently

Myanmar security forces sealed off an entire district in Rangoon after Monday’s protests and searched all homes at night. Eyewitnesses reported that dozens of people were arrested in these raids.

Rangoon is the largest city in southern Myanmar, where there have been regular demonstrations against the military coup since 1 February. About 200 protesters were trapped when a neighborhood closed. The security forces were hoping to arrest them all.

During home searches, security forces focused mainly on houses hanging from the balcony the flag of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party.

One resident said, “They searched every house on the street. If the apartment buildings are closed, they will break the lock to enter them.”

On Monday, many businesses such as stores, banks and schools were closed to protest the coup. Many people in the area expect large protests to take place on Tuesday and that the police and army will intervene again.

A kneeling nun asks to stop shooting

In northern Myanmar, a nun kneels in front of the police, demanding a ceasefire. Her photos are now all over the world. Three protesters have been killed recently, in total, more than 60 activists have been killed by the security forces.

On February 1, the military seized power in the country, saying the reason for this was that the November elections were rigged. In that election, the National League for Democracy won and the Army Party lost many seats.

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