NAC gets approval from KNVB for acquisition | Dutch football

The loud word is out: KNVB agrees to acquire NAC. The local investment group announced this on Tuesday. With that, the NAC sales process is nearing completion. Still only Breda municipality has to give consent. According to insiders, this is just a formality.

For the past two weeks, we’ve had to wait for the KNVB verdict. Since two of the seven members of the licensing committee were on vacation, NAC was off. Previously, KNVB requested additional documents to provide insight into the cash flows of the five financiers behind NAC, in which construction contractor Karel Vrolijk is the main investor. Additional information was evaluated and approved by the KNVB at the beginning of this week. After that, the Federation gave all the green light to the acquisition.

Remember: NAC is paying €7 million to buy out the 20 shareholders, led by main shareholder Wim van Aalst. For the past eight years, they have owned the club on the eve of its fourth consecutive year in the First Division. Friday (8 p.m.) NAC kicks off the new season with a home game against Helmond Sport.

Partner Fund

In addition to the mentioned 7 million euros, NAC wants to create a partner fund of 5 million euros. In the coming period, this pot should be filled with participants from the network of people behind NAC: Vrolijk (Bouwbedrijf Vrolijk), Jack and René Antonissen (Buitenhof Tuinmeubelen), Jasper Vreugdenhil (BrandMasters) and Jasper van Eck (Kasparov) Finance & BI . Funds from the partner fund are intended for investment in the organization and the youth academy and are not invested in the players’ budget.

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If the transfer of shares with a notary is completed, the acquisition can be formally completed after more than thirteen months. Incidentally, no additional money will be released in the short term to provide the team with a quality boost. So 2.5 million euros remains from the player’s current budget.

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