NAM leak hackers are damaging large companies worldwide

The prestigious Harvard Business School in the United States, the Central Bank of New Zealand, Bombardier, an aircraft manufacturer in Canada, and a large American law firm – Donald Trump as a client – Some of the affected companies and agencies. But major supermarket chains and transport companies in the US and Australia have also been affected.

Sending large files

The US government was already there two weeks ago Warned For attacks on Accellion’s software system. You can send large files with this program. NAM Vulnerability NAM uses specialized software to send large data files to the company.

In total, the names and addresses of about 19,000 people have been leaked to NAM. “In 115 cases it was about encrypted privacy data, and with a few others it was actually a privacy violation,” a NAM spokesman said. ‘We contacted those people immediately on Tuesday afternoon.’

The NAM calls the incident highly unpleasant and extra bitter, and those affected by the earthquakes are now disappointed. ‘This is one thing, we consider it very important, but the reason lies with an outside party.’

Be extra careful

The Fraud Help Center calls on people to be extra vigilant when accessing data by email or text message. “In fact, we always advise people to be aware of it,” says a spokesman. “But there may be a little more now.”

According to the Fraud Help Center, data is becoming more and more interesting to cyber criminals because they can link to data. Such as name and address information associated with registration with a particular organization, company or bank.

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For those who cheat it is gold. The more data, the more interesting. There is really nothing you can do about it. We therefore recommend using strong and unique passwords. So a criminal cannot access all the other accounts immediately. ‘

Criminal activity

One of those summoned by the NAM in connection with the data breach was Lolke Weigener, chairman of the Trust Depreciation Commission issued by the Earthquake Groningen (WAG). The names and address details of his members – and he too – have been leaked. “It’s painful and very annoying,” Vigenor says. “This is a criminal act.”

However, according to Weigenor, it is not fundamental to play a further role overall, although for him the list of data belongs to the WAG. “It’s a matter between the individual participant and the NAM,” he says. ‘The list with us only indicates a name and address. These are the data in the phone book. ‘

Is it ransomware?

Elsewhere in the world, data leaks are leaked and the owner must pay to retrieve the data: this is called ransomware. NAM does not want to indicate whether this is the case with the gas company. The spokesperson explains the policy, “We will never answer questions about ransomware.”

It is also unclear whether NAM will take action against the software supplier that caused the leak. ‘We don’t comment on the parties we work for.’

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