Naomi Biden, Kyrie Irving, Charles III and Tom Cruise

He says yes to the White House

Naomi Biden, granddaughter of Joe Biden

Naomi Biden, 28, and her fiance, Peter Neal, 25, made their wedding vows on Saturday. Nothing special, if not for the couple doing it in the White House. Naomi Biden is the granddaughter of President Joe Biden, who organized the party at his official residence. It’s not the first. Richard Nixon’s daughter got married there in 1971, and nine years earlier the wedding of Pete Souza, Barack Obama’s photographer, took place. Eighteen weddings have taken place at the White House.

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Regrets the anti-Semitic remarks

Kyrie Irving, basketball player

American basketball star Kyrie Irving has expressed her deep regret after promoting an anti-Semitic film. “I am not an anti-Semite,” he said in an interview. “I would like to sincerely apologize for all my actions and the time that has passed since then.” Irving, 30, was suspended by his NBA club the Brooklyn Nets in early November after promoting this documentary on his social media. Then Irving refused to apologize for it. Nike has also ended its collaboration with Irving.

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Removes foie gras from the royal menu

Charles III, King of the United Kingdom

This Christmas, there are no foie gras on the table of the British royal family. King Charles III (74) has ruled that the product may not be used in any royal residence. This is evident from a letter sent by the king to the animal rights organization PETA. Apparently “the palace does not use or buy foie gras”. Charles has been committed to nature and animal welfare his entire life. He had previously banned the use of foie gras in all the residences he used as Prince of Wales.

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He disturbs recordings with his helicopter

Tom Cruise, movie star

While filming the BBC series Call the midwife Do you suffer from Tom Cruise. The new American movie star in England Mission: ImpossibleFilm, he always lands his helicopter near the shooting location in Surrey. Actress Jenny Agutter said, “Tom Cruise keeps spoiling our footage because he keeps tumbling by the set.” woman. Brits said she was asked to address Cruz, who has her own pilot’s license and helicopter, but did not. “Imagine, ‘Excuse me Tom, we’re filming here.'” I have no idea what you’re doing here, but get in your helicopter and fly away quickly.”

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