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Clean air, social interactions, participation, movement, and safety: makes people happier, prevents complaints and leads to provision for health care and other parts of the social sphere. happiness abroad. That’s what it’s about during the General National Aerospace Conference (LOCR), organized by Stedelijk Interieur in Zwolle on Wednesday 13 October.

Many aspects of a green healthy living environment have been reviewed. The conference attempts to get to the heart of what defines outdoor happiness and organizers discuss with designers, administrators and other practical experts how public spaces in municipalities, neighborhoods and streets can contribute to this.

Zwolle is the host city during this 17th edition of LCOR; A city that actively pursues a policy of achieving happiness abroad, according to Stedelijk Interior. Alderman Ed Anker discusses the ambitions and their practical implementation, as in the development of a large-scale area in the Zwolle Spoorzone, where health and climate adaptation are two pillars in the linking area between the city and IJssel.

Today’s president and philosopher Bas Haring will speak with keynote speakers about making the city more sustainable, greening the city and how to do it in close consultation and with community initiatives. In addition, it takes you with you to a wonderful philosophical reflection.

Steffen Nijhuis (Head of Urbanism Research, TU Delft, Partner OKRA Landscape Architects) provides the scientific framework and discusses examples from outside. Heijmans Real Estate Director of Sustainability Harwil de Jonge explains how developers can make an integrated connection between the social, spatial and natural sphere, so that a resilient and healthy area can be created.

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In breakout sessions, held both indoors and outdoors, engaging examples were discussed. During an outside session, Director of Investigation Nils Muninck of Zwolse Spoorzone spoke about the relationship with Passerelle and how climate adaptation and sustainability have been guiding principles. Harry Boeschouten of Staatsb Glosbeheer explains how important green walking routes are in public spaces and how common connections to the green network can be made.

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