National team coach Louis van Gaal has been suffering from prostate cancer for some time: ‘It’s a violent form’ of Dutch football

The Dutch national team coach said, on Sunday evening, that Louis van Gaal, 70, suffers from an aggressive type of prostate cancer. Humberto

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Van Gaal did not spread the news of his illness earlier, as he did not want to affect his group of players. The national coach was treated in hospital during the training camps in the evening without the players knowing about it. ,, They see cheeks on my cheek and think: What a healthy man. This is of course not the case.”

Louis van Gaal. © Pro Shots / Stanley Gontha

The former Ajax coach said of his visit to the hospital: “I was given preferential treatment. I was allowed to pass through the back entrance and when I went to an appointment I was immediately allowed to go to another room if I had to wait. Great treatment you also say to friends and relatives and say something about my environment They keep their mouths shut.

“Look, you don’t die from prostate cancer,” Van Gaal said. “You usually die from underlying disease. But it’s an aggressive form. I’ve been exposed to radiation 25 times.” The disease was already diagnosed at the end of 2020, and treatment began in 2021.

Louis van Gaal’s message that he suffers from an aggressive form of prostate cancer excites a lot in the sports world. His old club, Manchester United, and Barcelona, ​​among others, became overheard on Twitter.

Despite his illness, Van Gaal will go to the Qatar World Cup at the end of this year with Orange. He is in his third term as national coach for Orange, which caused him a big surprise in the 2014 World Cup by finishing third in Brazil. He also worked for major clubs such as Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

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In our live news update, urologist Eric Frijoff explained exactly what Van Gaal is dealing with: (text continues below video)


The topic came in response to the documentary film about Van Gaal, which will be shown in cinemas starting Thursday, April 14. “This is part of my life, so I’m going to show it in the documentary.”

In 1973, Van Gaal married his first wife Fernanda, who died of pancreatic cancer on January 17, 1994. Since 2008, he has been married to former PR manager Trus Opmeer, with whom he has already had a relationship of 12.5 years.

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National coach Louis van Gaal.
National coach Louis van Gaal. © ANP

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