NATO: More and more Russian troops on the border with Ukraine | abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, accuses the United States of an “aggressive” approach to the conflict with Ukraine and threatens to take countermeasures. “If the somewhat aggressive policy of our colleagues in the West continues, we will respond forcefully to these unfriendly steps with appropriate military-technical measures,” Putin said on Tuesday after consultations at the Defense Ministry.

The West fears a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia denies plans for such action, but the United States and its allies are not convinced. The Russians issued a package of demands late last week that will be necessary to calm the situation. Among other things, they want NATO to stop military activities in Eastern Europe and Ukraine and demand security guarantees.

The Russians want to start negotiations with the Americans quickly. The United States wants to enter the conversation, but an official response is not expected until sometime this week.

President Joe Biden has already warned the Russians of “serious and severe economic consequences” if they invade Ukraine. The United States will provide Ukraine with weapons if Russia decides to invade the country. In this case, the Americans will provide their allies in Eastern Europe in NATO with additional weapons. Russia, in turn, insists on its right to deploy its forces locally without foreign interference.

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