NBC Convention Center is back after the shooting

On September 7, 2022 it became the site of the event NBC Convention Center It was hit by a big fire. Due to smoke and water damage, 90 percent of the site was lost. The fire and its aftermath were horrific, both for the NBC executives and the team. It’s not just in our DNA to throw in the towel. And that’s why we started making new plans so quickly. We’re back, but we’re different,” says Justin Van Hooydonk, director and owner of the NBC Convention Center.

Completely different site

It’s been quiet around NBC for a while, but the team has been working hard. This is evidenced by the new plans presented at EventSummit last Thursday. The building permit has now been received and a point has been made on the horizon. On March 1, 2024, NBC will welcome its first guests to its completely renovated location. And this site looks completely different than before. For example, NBC will soon have 3 event areas, each with its own entrance, there will be a 3,000 square meter hospitality area with daylight and 22 rooms will be implemented. The event site also takes a step forward in technology. With a minimum width of 45 metres, NBC is building the largest projection decorator in the Netherlands. In addition, each room is equipped with a presentation setup that allows speakers to make a real impression.

Renewable energy

With the construction of the new spaces, there will also be more possibilities for meetings of approximately 100 to 800 guests. But NBC also provides enough space for larger events with a capacity of up to 1,750 guests in a stage setting. The 22 different ancillary rooms can accommodate from 40 to 100 guests and can also be connected. This means that there is room for 400 guests.

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In addition, the family company is launching the NBC Creative Hub: a standalone site where you can meet 100 to 150 colleagues or relations for creative sessions in an inspiring environment. The site consists of a general room and eight different sub-rooms, each with its own theme.

Experience the same hospitality

So there is a lot of news to come, but of course things will remain the same. Like our passionate, engaged team and full-service concept with which, as a family business, we create unique event experiences, says Van Hooydonk. “It is not for nothing that we adopt a new proposition:“ We are back, but we are different! By that we mean we are the same family business and same hospitality, but in a new and better location.

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