NCK will not return to Meerpaalplein: ‘It’s getting too big’ – De Drontenaar


DRONTEN – About 280 teams initially, one with a party tent and the other with a fully equipped coach. The Dutch Cycling Club Championship (NCK) may have been clearly relocated to the recreation area of ​​the industrialized world out of necessity, but it also fits the organization well. “Because we’re getting too old,” says Frans van Varek.

It’s very crowded this Sunday around the entertainment world, where the start and end of NCK is for the first time. That championship has been held in and around Dronten for years, but in recent years the organization of this cycling race has not been going well. Take 2021, when the competition organizers had to move to Flifunice near Biddinghuizen. This time NCK is back at Dronten, where it started earlier than Meerpaalplein. But it has now happened from the industrial area of ​​Leisure World.

“all space”

Positive change? do it. At least, if we believe organizer Frans Van Varek. Meerpaalplein did not miss a moment. “Because we really have all the space here. In the middle it’s still a nuisance, with cyclists on the sidewalk for example. You don’t have to worry about that in this industrial area. We’re too old to start in Meerpaalplein, so give 280 teams a place there. “.

These teams need everything. From a space for tents and coaches to a place to shower. The latter can then be done in the gym, while there is ample opportunity for buses and other accommodations. “That makes it fun and that’s definitely what NCK was created for. It’s the end of the season and that should be fun too. That’s excellent here. Van Varek, who’s been living in Dronten for years, says he’s glad the event left the center. Crooked faces, that’s Not what awaits.

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National titles

Then it can be fun during the day, and in the end it was all about the prizes during this national club championship. Young Renner Academy took the men’s Class A national title for the eighth time, while Dronten’s Jord Buck and his VolkerWessels team came in only fifth. In the women’s race, the national title went to Noordelijke Wieler Vereniging Groningen, and they were just three seconds ahead of Jan van Arckel’s team.

Was there nothing to complain about at all? No actually not. The organization has not yet started the evaluation, so it will also go to all the teams, and then it will be mainly about the short course. “But we haven’t heard anything about it yet. A 35-kilometre track with only six turns. Very suitable for time trials, you can’t find it anywhere else,” concludes Van Varek.

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