Nearly 1.4 million people see the perfect photo filter leaving after Houdini’s ‘Escape’ | to watch

Ruth Jackott’s post is often suspended by a thread The perfect pictureYesterday, however, it was the end of the singer’s photography adventure.

Indeed, it was fortunate that Jacot had come this far in the BN’er Elimination Race. A few weeks ago she would have traveled mercilessly had it not been for weekly winner John Hettinga come down from himself To realize his dream – a career as a coach. They also dangled at the bottom of the rankings last night. “With so many Houdini escaping, your adventure is finally here for you,” nearly 1.4 million viewers heard presenter Bekand say.

Jacot had just photographed her brother, because in the fashion photo assignment the models were relatives of the participants. To their great surprise: they didn’t really expect it. Tears welled up in Patrick Martens’ eyes when he saw his mother coming in through the door. Bridget Masland also has her mother as a model – and she tries to stir up her emotions during filming by narrating the names of her deceased dogs. Fritz Sessing greets his two daughters, Georgina Verban and Jovat and Westendorp seeing their brothers at the Railway Museum. Martins throws top eyes at his mom’s record.

the following The perfect picture She directed the finale of the Omroep MAX show Big Little Train Competition Also nearly 1.4 million viewers. In recent weeks, a search for the best models of railway builders has been carried out. And so the Omroep MAX was once again a viewing success. The program, presented by Andre Van Doyen, attracted more than 1.2 million viewers every week. The Orange team won the final.

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NPO 1 lost many viewers in the second part of the evening. to me Welcome to Container Village 554,000 people watched the Great Little Train Competition. On SBS 6 she was vtwonen employment Your house in order Good for 428000 and 702000 viewers respectively. The 3 star camp On NPO 3 was viewed by 481,000 people.

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