Netflix added 8 new series this week

Check out here the series that you can stream new on Netflix from this week.

Like every week, we’re listing the series that you can stream new on Netflix. There are eight this week. We’ll dive into it!
The legends of tomorrow in the capital (S06E05)Sarah gets a taste of BIshop’s devious plans for humanity. Astra, struggling with earthly existence, makes a magical deal with Aleister Crowley.

Sparkle (S07E12): CIsco and Kamilla share the big news with the team. But why doesn’t anyone really seem to care? A new metamorphosis temporarily makes victims cheerful.

Fresh, fried and crunchy (1 season)Culinary references: Daym Drops loves good food and fun. He visits America’s sweetest addresses in search of the most delicious fried food.

shaking (1 season): In Manila, where dark supernatural forces penetrate the criminal underworld, it is up to Alexandra Terez to keep the peace. But a storm is coming.

lecombion season 1: After quarantine, four of Colombia’s funniest and most daring comedians put on a show for audiences longing for their stories.

Fresh, fried and crunchy season 1Passionate about food and ready for fun, critic Daym Drops decided to take on the biggest fried-food hotspot in the United States.

lupine Part 2: Inspired by the adventures of Arsene Lupine, brave thief Asani Diop tries to avenge his father for the injustice inflicted on him by a wealthy family.

Alvin!!! and squirrel (two seasons): Squirrels help the owner of a dilapidated summer camp with repairs. Janet and Alvin accidentally exchange bodies and must live each other’s lives.

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