Netflix and Jerry Seinfeld (Bee Movie) make movie about popular brunch pop-Tarts

Jerry Seinfeld has been busy on stage for more than a decade with his jokes about Pop-Tarts, the insanely popular breakfast snack from the United States. However, the Joker doesn’t think that’s enough and is now working on making a full movie about it for Netflix.

Seinfeld is coming up with a new comedy about Pop-Tarts and he’s going to direct it himself. He will also play a leading role in it. the film, not frozen It is about the origin of delicious pastries.

Seinfeld Rune
Seinfeld wrote a screenplay not frozen Together with Spike Fierstein and Barry Marder, who previously worked with him on the popular TV series Seinfeld The animated film, Seinfeld bee movie (2007).

Seinfeld himself explains how the idea came about: “I was sitting at home seeing only angry faces on TV, so I decided to make something light and cute. Then my Pop-Tarts piece from my last Netflix show suddenly became a huge, crazy comedy.”

Pop tart is a Kellogg pastry that originated in 1964. It consists of a sweet filling surrounded by a thick crust. The snack should be heated in a toaster. Pop-Tarts is Kellogg’s best-selling product, with more than 2 billion pastries sold annually.

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