Netflix announces release dates for new season “The Circle” and “Too Hot To Handle”, picks up surprising style

Wednesday night is going to be reality TV night on Netflix. The broadcast service has been announced at the start of the new season of Circle in a Too hot to handle Will be displayed. Remarkably, Netflix chose not to unpack all episodes at the same time for both shows.

Reality WedNetflix calls it in a short clip about the imminent return to guilty pleasures Circle in a Too hot to handle. The first season of Circle Last year it was introduced as a three-week event with four new episodes every Wednesday.


This time, Netflix chose to broadcast this event over four weeks, so it’s done Delivery time a favour. The first four episodes will air on Wednesday, April 14th. On Wednesday after we also get four new episodes. However, the final will be saved until the following week i.e. Wednesday May 5.

Too hot to handle

Bee Too hot to handle Netflix chose to release all eight episodes a year ago at the same time. In the middle of the first shutdown, this was a nice distraction to many, but the streaming service still changed its strategy this year.

“We are experimenting with the release format so you have time to dissect and understand each step of the competition as it unfolds,” explains Brandon Rigg, President of Netflix. So it will Too hot to handle This year can also be spread over a period of several weeks. The first episodes will arrive on Netflix sometime in June on Wednesdays.

“We can’t wait to see what comes next in Season Two.” We’ve added new twists and turns to keep the game fresh. Additionally, we have also selected new players that we think the fans will be happy to support, ”Riegg looks forward.

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