Netflix comes up with a reality game show based on the popular Squid Game series | Movies and TV shows

Netflix is ​​going to make a big game show based on the South Korean series Squid game. In the new reality competition series, the biggest cash prize in the history of reality television can be won at US$4.56 million (about €4.4 million). Dutch people can also register, provided they speak English.

in Squid Game: Challenge Just like in the series, 456 participants from all over the world will have to complete trials and challenges to reach the top at the end. However, as the series dropouts have to pay with their deaths, in reality, they are only sent home empty-handed.

The series will consist of ten episodes and will be filmed in the UK, Netflix reports on Tuesday. Registration is now complete opened.

“Fans of the drama series are in for an amazing and unexpected journey as 456 real-life contestants navigate the biggest competition series ever, packed with action and surprising twists, with the biggest cash prize ever at the end,” said Brandon Rigg of Netflix. ..

Series Squid game It was officially renewed for a second season earlier this week. The first season of the series ranks as the most popular Netflix series of all time, with more than 1.65 billion hours watched in the first 28 days after its premiere in September 2021.

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