Netflix comes with a reboot of the Teletubbies series

Netflix comes with a reboot of the popular children’s series Teletubbies. The Twitter livestream announced that the new version will premiere on November 14.

Actor Titus Burgess, known for the series Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtHe is the narrator of the new animated series.

Restart Teletubbies

Teletubbies It is a British children’s television series created by Ann Wood and Andrew Davenport for the BBC. The show focuses on four differently colored characters known as Teletubbies, who are named on TV screens for their stomachs.

The series quickly became a commercial success in Britain and abroad. She has won multiple BAFTA Awards and has been nominated for two Daytime Emmys throughout her career. Although the original series ended in 2001, the reboot series was given the green light in 2014. The reboot was first shown on CBeebies in the UK and on Nick Jr. channel in the United States. Reruns of the original 1997-2001 series are still shown on TV channels all over the world.

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