Netflix comes with the 10 most popular movies and series

Netflix comes with an overview of the 10 most popular movies and series of the moment. This is of course perfect for getting inspired when you want to go to Netflix during a windy weekend. And these top ten lists are compiled for each country, so you can see exactly what is popular in the Netherlands at the moment.

The top 10 lists are updated and ranked daily, movies and series most relevant to you according to the live streaming service appear at the top of the queue. Netflix has posted this news In a blog post.

Recognizable sticker

If you haven’t yet made the list, but the top 10 movies or series have passed, you can learn about them with the Poster. So you instantly see, just like the quality tag, that you are dealing with one of the most popular movies or series on Netflix Netherlands. At the end of last year, Netflix released a list of the most popular movies and series around the world. It was noted that with the exception of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, all titles were from Netflix Originals. However, the company says all titles qualify for the top 10 list.

Don’t think, just watch

Last year, he was already auditioning with the top 10 lists in Mexico and the UK. “For those who want to see what others are watching, this can make it easier to choose titles.”CEO Reed Hastings said in April 2019. This is probably why we expected the top 10 lists to be ranked by subscribers. Sometimes you feel like starting a streak, but you get lost in the wide range. Get the list and start a blockbuster series.

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Top 10 lists in the Netherlands

The first ten lists look different from the rows as you know them. Once you put up the job in the Netherlands, you will likely see this right away. At the moment (Tuesday morning 2/25) we are not seeing the listings in our Netflix account. So we still have to be patient, but then we’ll never have to think long about the series we’re going to do.

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