Netflix confirms: “Work on new documentary series on Ayrton Senna”

Netflix announced that it will be shooting the Ayrton Sina da Silva story for one person Netflix original. The documentary series will be produced ten years after the release of Senna.

Ayrton Senna is one of the most famous and well-known Formula 1 drivers. Many believe he is the best driver in the history of the sport. The driver who passed away in 1994 is still a great inspiration for young and old after 26 years. In recent years, documentaries and documentaries have made real progress in motorsport as well. This is the Formula 1 series Campaign to survive A great success and the movie is over Cinnamon tree Very well known. In general, it is not surprising then that the media giant made this decision.

The mini-series will consist of eight episodes, which will shine a light on Sina’s personality and relationships. The series will begin when the driver moves to the UK and will detail his journey to Formula 1. The fatal accident will also be shown at the Imola circuit in 1994. The series will be produced by the Brazilian brothers Golan and will give fans a fresh and honest look at Cena’s life. His family will also be closely involved in the production of the series.

Vivian Sina, sister of the world champion, is pleased to announce this project. “It’ll count a story that only a few people know. The Senna family is committed to making this project completely unique and unprecedented. No one is better to partner with this than Netflix, which has a worldwide reach.”

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“Cena started his journey in São Paulo and then conquered the world. We are honored to present his inspiring journey to all of his fans, wherever they are,” said Maria Angela de Jesus, Director of International Original Production at Netflix in Brazil. “Ayrton Senna has a legacy that transcends generations and borders. Netflix is ​​proud to give its subscribers a fresh look at the man behind the driver in more than 190 countries.”

The exact release date is not known yet, but Netflix hopes to release the series in 2022.

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