Netflix continues to grow rapidly and now has a record number of pay subscribers

Netflix now has over 200 million premium subscribers, which is impressive.

Netflix revealed yesterday that it has over 200 million paying first-time subscribers. Hence, the company has done well for 2020 when it comes to subscribers.

Most of the subscribers are still from the United States and Canada. There, the company owns 73.94 million. Growth there is still limited: Only 900,000 subscribers were added in the territories in the last quarter.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Netflix has seen growth mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. There, it grew by 4.5 million paying subscribers, bringing the total to 66.7 million in those regions.

Netflix has annual turnover of $ 20 billion. Good amount, because Netflix claims it no longer needs to take out loans for its day-to-day operations. Netflix still has $ 8 to $ 12 billion in debt.

Netflix expects the next quarter to grow from 203 million subscribers currently to 209 million. This makes it by far the largest streaming service in the world.

The competition
Netflix is ​​impressed with the performance of Disney +, which is currently a huge hit with nearly 75 million subscribers. “It’s really impressive what Disney did,” Hastings said. “It’s an incredible achievement for such a well-established party to make it happen.”

However, Disney + hasn’t come close to Netflix yet. This applies to Amazon Prime Video with 150 million paid subscribers, and Chinese Tencent Video (which is active in Middle Eastern and East Asian countries), with 120 million subscribers.

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