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In The Tinder Swindler there was the role of Dutchman Ayleen Charlotte. Now she’s given a big interview about the documentary and her long-running doubts. Another documentary series about Robbie Williams.

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The Dutch have long had doubts about The Tinder Swindler

In The Tinder Swindler, Dutchman Aileen Charlotte played a major role. She was one of Shimon Hayut’s victims. It now appears that she has long questioned her role in the documentary. “It put my life back on track,” she says in an interview. Volkskrant. I thought “As long as I keep my mouth silent, it’s for his own good. I wanted to warn people. This is such a thing that could happen to anyone. I wanted to show his face.” read over here Full interview with Eileen.

Robbie Williams is getting a documentary series

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest British pop stars. He broke out as a member of Take That and then managed to build a very successful solo career. The singer is the best-selling British solo artist in the UK and has sold at least 55 million records worldwide. Netflix is ​​now producing a docu-series about his 30 years in the business, because Robbie Williams made his debut in 1990 with Take That.

The Umbrella Academy is experiencing its fourth and final season

The Umbrella Academy is back again. Netflix renewed the series for a fourth season, and immediately stated that this would be the final season. In this way the whole story can be completed.

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For example, Netflix decides which series to cancel and which to extend

Netflix in particular is often criticized for its “cancellation policy”. Critics say soap operas are ruthlessly deleted if they don’t catch on. But is this true? And how does the streaming service determine what should be canceled and what should be extended?

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