Netflix deals a serious blow to Disney + with ‘Sweet Tooth’

Sweet Tooth series by Robert Downey Jr. Really good results.

There are many rivalries going on between fans. For example, you have the “battle” between Marvel and DC, but also between streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. And now, the former has had a resounding success, also in the rivalry between the fans of two of the most famous comics growers.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being so successful, also thanks to the series that’s in production, DC seems to be doing a little better on TV. In fact, thanks to the collaboration of former Marvel actor Robert Downey Jr., DC not only won a “battle” against Marvel, but Netflix won it as well.

sweet tooth
Nielsen has released his latest broadcast stats. It’s always released a month later as a collaboration between Nielsen and the biggest streaming service. This depends on the number of minutes that a movie or series airs in the United States.

In June it turns out sweet tooth The most popular series on Netflix and DC, with a massive stream of 1.4 billion minutes. In contrast, this loki About 731 million minutes were broadcast.

Number three on the list is also a DC production, which is The devil. Watched just over a billion minutes on Netflix.

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