Netflix dominates the list of the most watched series with these three titles

Three Netflix titles are doing exceptionally well in streaming this week.

It should come as no surprise that the Netflix Original series dominate the statistics for streaming services. In terms of series, the streaming service is almost always dominant.

Last Thursday, Nielsen released his broadcast stats. This shows that Netflix has the most watched shows with three series and that they have all streamed over a billion minutes. Great achievement!

Three strings of 1 billion
Anna’s creation, the miniseries starring Julia Garner, was at the top of Nielsen’s list. The series attracted 1.168 billion minutes of streams in the United States.

He came in second place Vikings: Valhalla That’s right, with 1.079 billion minutes of broadcast. Finally rounds Worst roommate ever The top three, with 1.032 billion minutes.

By the way, Netflix had five series in the top ten. love is blind Attracted 998 million minutes (as number 4) and the number was five cut it out With 752 million minutes.

Apparently one of the most watched series Vikings: Valhalla To achieve maximum effect. 24 episodes have been ordered and at least two more seasons will come.

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