Netflix explains more about its plans to prevent password sharing

Reed Hastings, co-CEO and co-founder of Netflix, outlined the streaming service’s plans to take action against unauthorized account sharing in the future. Promise not to introduce aggressive methods.

“We’re going to be testing a lot of things, but we’re never going to throw anything like ‘tightening the screws’ on our subscribers,” Reed Hastings said. diverse In a Netflix briefing on financial statements for the first quarter of 2021. “Consumers need the necessary measures to understand this.”

Currently, Netflix does not make any specific efforts to prevent people from passing their passwords and thus sharing accounts without paying for them. Research has shown that More than half of Netflix subscribers share their password With at least one other person. This practice costs Netflix billions annually, although the streaming service has yet to show itself as a discount. They assume that many people who got to know Netflix through someone else’s account later sign up themselves. Even internal data confirms this.

global test

However, Netflix launched a test with a number of users around the world last month. In addition, some received a warning message to verify their accounts if they suspected that they were using the streaming service incorrectly.

Netflix COO and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said in a company briefing Tuesday that the results of this test will be analyzed. On the basis of this, what is the ideal model to be presented in the future will be examined.

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