Netflix Games Review: Kentucky Root Zero

In the Netherlands we associate the name Kentucky mainly with fried chicken, but in the US it is still a state. However, this is the beginning of a good game name: Kentucky Route Zero. This is one of the games that Netflix offers for free if you are a member. Although this is a game that has previously appeared on PC and consoles. Plays a bit on the mobile phone.

Kentucky Route Zero

Finding images for this article was a treat because the game has an iconic animation style that sticks so well and every moment of the game is literally worth screenshotting. Kentucky Root Zero looks minimal and clean, but at the same time has something cartoonish about it. In any case, the use of color is very appropriate and it is a visual spectacle, without being too spectacular.

You might even wonder how much of a game it really is. It’s essentially a kind of dream world that you experience. You often don’t know how to make fun of what you see, and it will require some adaptability in the beginning, but if you accept that you’re incompetent, so you have to submit to that strange world, there’s a lot to do. to enjoy.

Point and click

If you want to attach a game label to it, you can: it’s a point-and-click game where you essentially choose how the conversations proceed. Being a delivery truck, you need help to go everywhere to unknown address. Then how to proceed? That’s what happens by asking others. You meet all kinds of people who provide you with information or entertainment.

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The game has actually appeared in all sorts of areas, and is now slightly different in mobile game form, although you will definitely notice that there are distinctly different actions. However, it is not the case that you have much influence over it. Unfortunately: the game pretends, but that’s all. What you choose based on the dialogue will not greatly affect the outcome of the game. It affects the story as you continue to explore the game, and that’s okay: this game is about experiencing the game world and its special characters.

Netflix Games

It’s a game that’s almost like a meditation, it’s undulating and it’s not bad. However, there is a certain kind of quiet writing style that allows you to sit back and play. It goes without saying that it works well on mobile phones in terms of control, and you can enjoy it for a while: you can spend hours on it. Not for those who love action, but it’s very interesting for people who consider it less important, or maybe even non-gamers. For them, Kentucky Route One is definitely worth a try.

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