“Netflix is ​​an all-you-can-eat buffet with no taste”

It’s about time: WANT’s back in podcastland. Two years later, the last episode of the show want a closeset It’s time for something new: Freakin’ nerds. Podcasts where we focus on streaming services like Netflix in the first episode.

During that first episode, Jeroen Krack immediately came up with a powerful statement: “Netflix is ​​an all-you-can-eat buffet with no taste.” What did the gentlemen think of this statement and what subjects were they most interested in?

Freakin’ Nerds Episode 1: Netflix, Jacuzzi Pot, and more

Concept Freakin’ nerds Simple: WANT editors focus on what they love most. Logically, this mainly concerns technology, pop culture, and science. So like our site.

Each episode begins with three big news stories, continues with three (sometimes hot) stories, and ends with a number of fun facts. Voila: Your new favorite podcast has been created.

But what data did Jeron, Mark and Denise discuss in the first episode? Short summary:

Statement 1: Netflix is ​​an all-you-can-eat buffet with no flavor

Jeroen Kraak has been focusing on WANT streaming services for years. He keeps an eye on recent developments, views content as a die-hard fan and sometimes has a heated opinion (the sambal attitude, so to speak). In the Freakin’ nerds The podcast immediately makes it clear.

His statement: “Netflix is ​​an all-you-can-eat buffet with no flavor.” Of course he points to the fact that many services come with nice gems, but Netflix is ​​without a doubt lagging behind on this one. The content is no longer what it used to be, is his opinion.

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Statement 2: Analog television is still greater than broadcast

Denis Mons has been wandering this earth for quite some time (it’s not for nothing that his grandfather). For example, he co-invented the light (not true), traded his horse for a car (also not true) and grew up in the time of analog television (that’s true).

Statement: Analog TV is bigger than direct broadcasting. Although services like Netflix have dramatically changed our viewing habits, Dennis firmly believes that the general consumer is still sticking to the standard. The rest disagree, to put it mildly.

Especially when Dennis puts it this way:

Statement 3: Netflix, Disney+, and HBO will still be the only services in five years

Streaming services, and therefore also the costs that come with them, are flying around. This causes frustration and is why Mark thinks (he may not have an opinion) that the fragmentation will not last much longer.

His statement: Netflix, Disney+ and HBO will remain our only streaming services in five years. why? Because the big guys will buy the little guys, leaving us consumers with a clear range.

Curious about our news and fun facts for the former Freakin’ nerds? Check out the full episode below:

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