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According to Netflix’s Terms of Use, the customer account is officially “not to be shared with anyone outside the home.” The company is bearing this for now, but that will end in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru in the coming weeks.

Netflix is ​​starting a test where accounts can be shared in an “easy and secure way,” but there is an additional fee in return. If the trial is successful, the procedure can also be offered in other countries. With the “Add Extra Member” option on top of the various subscriptions the streaming service has, an account can be shared with two people outside of the family. They will then get their profile, login and password, for less money than their Netflix account. In Costa Rica, the option will cost $2.99 ​​(€2.71). The cheapest subscription there is $8.99 (€8.15), which is a bit more expensive than the Netherlands (the cheapest subscription here is €7.99).

Netflix is ​​one of the largest streaming services in the world. At the end of last year, there were more than 220 million subscribers worldwide.

Do you share a Netflix account?
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