Netflix is ​​testing a way to make account sharing outside the home more expensive

Netflix is ​​currently experimenting with paid sub-accounts to pay users who share their accounts with other families, too late Company in a blog post I know. This way, people will no longer be able to share the Standard or Premium subscription with other families for free. Testing is currently only conducted in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. The test results in South American countries will ultimately determine whether the sub-accounts are served anywhere in the world.

Sub-accounts are paid sub-accounts linked to a master subscription. In Costa Rica, for example, a premium subscription costs $16, while a sub account costs $3. Two sub-accounts can be created for a Standard or Premium account, each with its own profile, recommendations, and login details. Netflix allows existing account participants to transfer all data, including viewing history and recommendations, to a new paid account or sub-account.

Netflix currently tolerates account sharing outside the home, although in practice this is against the Terms of Use. For example, a Premium account supports five profiles that can be used across four screens within a single home. But this feature also works if you share an account with friends, family, or others outside your home.

Netflix prices vary by region; In the Netherlands, the account costs in euros just as in Costa Rica it costs in dollars. This gives an indication of what a sub-account could cost in the long run


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