Netflix loses three of its best series: here too?

Star Trek has disappeared from Netflix in the United States. What’s here?

All major movie studios are launching their own streaming service. As a result, Netflix has less and less content to offer. After all, every streaming service wants to offer its own core rights.

This meant that big deals were gradually phased out and Netflix had to say goodbye to many films and series. For this purpose, they make more and more originals to ensure that there are enough interesting ones.

Great loss
September is the biggest loss for Netflix in the United States. One of the well-known and most famous owners there, Star Trek, Disappears from Netflix in that country.

Since the Paramount + launch took place there some time ago, we naturally thought the opportunity was already high.

On September 30, Netflix will lose every season in the United States Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Enterprise On Star Trek: Voyager. The rest will stay for a while.

We know that the ultimate goal is to launch Paramount + in other countries as well. That should be the home of the house Star TrekOwnership Right now, things are still going well here by granting franchise on Netflix, but we also have a good chance of seeing them disappear here.

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