Netflix makes its own version of ‘The Mole’

Good news for moles: This fall, Netflix will release its own version of the Flemish TV format. With this said, the US broadcasting giant hopes to bolster its rapidly growing reality show.

Says Michael Defleger, a proud audible voice, says Michael Defleger, original creator and presenter of the mole. He says talks about a new international version have been going on since 2020. Negotiations were conducted by the distributor Primitives.

the mole It has been shown in about twenty countries in recent years, making it the best selling Belgian television format of all time. Versions are still running today in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, and a new Italian version is on the way. The series is still well known to American viewers from ABC, which aired its last season in 2008. Vulture talks about its “cult classic reality TV.” Netflix’s desire to start with the format has been a rumor that has been circulating on specialized websites for a year. Especially since the old seasons the mole In the US (but not with us) it appeared on Netflix.

The new ten-part series of the mole Produced by Eureka Productions, Australian-American. Woestijnvis, the producer of the Flemish version, is not directly involved, although the original inventors advised the product. “They called a few times,” Defleger says.

“More exciting”

how accurate the mole On Netflix it will be different from the Flemish version, it can’t say much about that. “The shape does not turn upside down,” he says. “The budgets are a lot bigger, so in terms of stunts it can be a little more exciting.”

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the mole You’ll be part of the “reality TV” part that Netflix is ​​currently developing that also includes a “real” version of it. squid game will belong to. Participants were recruited from the English-speaking world.

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