Netflix opens a Canadian office and appoints a head of local content

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos announced that American Broadcasting Corporation will open a new office in Canada and appoint a dedicated content manager for local assets.

In a blog, Sarandos stated that Netflix has spent 2.5 billion Canadian dollars ($ 2 billion) in Canada since 2017 and that it is time to double its presence in the country, including offers from members. Meet an email. and that is Working mothersHe said that the government has taken several measures to prevent such incidents.

“We want to build on this momentum and build a new home for Netflix in Canada – open an office and hire a dedicated content manager to work directly with the creative community in Canada,” Sarandos said. “We didn’t dream until 2012 when our first original production was in Ontario (Hemlock GroveWhat is the most important part of our business in Canada?

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The office is an addition to the Toronto Netflix Productions Center, which was founded in 2019 with an eight-stage office and leasing acoustic spaces in Cinespace and Pinewood Toronto Studios. The broadcast machine also rented a seven-stage audio clip from Vancouver at Motion Picture Park Studios in Canada last year.

Sarandos said that Netflix is ​​preparing to announce Canadian projects and relations in the coming weeks, noting that a series of original and expanded deals are under preparation with the opening of the local headquarters. He also stressed the importance of telling the stories of underrepresented societies.

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“If we want more people to see their lives reflected on screen, we need to ensure that people of all backgrounds receive training, mentorship and specific experiences. Through more than 20 local partnerships, we have the professional development of over 600 Canadian content creators. That much.” “Canada is an incredibly diverse country and our growing local presence will help us share more authentic Canadian stories with the world.”

The Canadian office is building on the growing international presence of Netflix. The company opened a French base last year as it is on track to establish itself in Italy in the second half of 2021. It has other international headquarters in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India, Mexico and Australia.

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