Netflix postpones Harry and Meghan documentary after criticism of the crown | The media

Netflix has postponed the release of the documentary Prince Harry and Meghan. The streaming service decided on this in response to criticism for the upcoming season of the crownAmerican entertainment website reports Limit.

John Major, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, criticized the first episode of the fifth season of the crown. Major has trouble with a story in which Prince Charles had complained about the fact that he had to wait so long before he could take the throne. Major insists that such talk never happened, even calling it “malicious nonsense.”

Limit He cites a source who says Netflix executives will find it “reckless” to release a Harry and Meghan documentary a month after the crown Because of the series’ criticism about the British royal family. The director will be shocked by the criticism and therefore wants to distribute his programs on this topic more widely rather than in quick succession. An official reason has not yet been given.

An official release date for the Harry and Meghan documentary has yet to be announced. The series was expected in early December, a month after the fifth season premiere the crown.

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